Computer imageEMK3 is the market leader in providing innovative and comprehensive software and service solutions designed exclusively for Oil & Gas Producers and Midstream Operators.

EMK3’s software solution is a single, fully integrated, and proven software application suite - EMK3 Senergy. EMK3 Senergy is a collaborative effort between EMK3 and its users to provide a best-practices application for an entire industry. EMK3’s software and services are utilized by many of today’s premier energy companies to enable their ability to achieve key business goals and objectives.

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EMK3 releases v15.0 of their industry leading Oil, Gas and NGL marketing software.

  • EMK3 welcomes Le Norman Operating as a new customer
  • EMK3 welcomes Emerald Oil as a new customer.
  • EMK3 welcomes Gulfport Energy as a new customer.
  • EMK3 welcomes Rice Energy as a new customer.

EMK3 Senergy offers end to end software and service solutions specifically designed for energy companies that; buy, sell, transport, gather, process Crude Oil, Natural Gas, and Natural Gas Liquids. The EMK3 Senergy application suite is a fully integrated set of functional modules that can be combined uniquely to provide the right solution to fit your distinct business requirements. EMK3 Senergy provides a complete marketing and transportation solution suited for; Exploration and Production Companies, Marketers, First Purchasers, Gathering and Pipeline Operators, and Gas Plant Operators.

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In support of EMK3 Senergy, EMK3 offers Connect!. EMK3 Connect! is a web portal providing an efficient manner of communicating key information with external stakeholders such as; nominations, invoices, statements, reports, announcements, and rates. EMK3 Connect! allows your company to project a professional image, while providing you with a new level of efficiency in your day-to-day communications.

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